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S Beam load cells for tensile test machines

The overall accuracy and stability of the DBB range of “S” beam load cells make them suitable for use in top quality high performance tensile test machines.

The “S” beam configuration with female threads at each end makes them ideal for in-line tension measurement equipment, secured to the base of the machine or moving cross head, with the appropriate jaws or grips fitted to suit the product being tested.

Produced in ranges from 0-0.5kg to 0-20,00kg the DBB series offers the equipment manufacturer the ability to produce tensile test equipment suitable for measuring in a diverse amount of applications. Extremes include measuring the strength of human hair to development specimens of exotic high strength steels.


Other features of the DBB load cells that make them desirable for the tensile test machine builders include, an overall accuracy 0.03% and excellent long term and temperature stability.

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Model DBB - S Beam Load Cell

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