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Long-term fatigue testing with DSCC load cells

The DSCC low profile “pancake” style load cells from Applied Measurements are providing aerospace engineers with a solution to long term fatigue testing of aircraft structures.

For this application the requirement was to find load cells of high capacity and low profile that could be used over a long period involving many millions of cycles. Following initial trials the DSCC load cells were chosen both for their performance and that some custom requirements could be accommodated.

The load cells were supplied bolted to mounting bases making them suitable for use in both tension and compression. In the application they are mounted between hydraulic actuators providing the force and the aircraft structure. They have two separate strain gauge bridges one for controlling the actuators and the other for measuring the force being applied to the structure.


Important features of the DSCC load cells for this application were high fatigue life, accuracy of 0.05%, excellent long term and thermal stability and dual bridge. It was also important that Applied Measurements were able to customise the design to allow for the exact overall size and thread connections required.

Capacities available range from 0-5kN to 0-1000kN for the DSCC, this can be extended down to 0-200N with an associated product of the same design the DSCRA..
A full range of analogue and digital supporting instrumentation is also available to enable complete calibrated systems to be supplied.

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DSCC Load Cell


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