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High accuracy vessel weighing with CTUS load cells

The CTUS Series load cells with vessel mounting supports from Applied Measurements has improved the quality and efficiency of a complete soft drinks manufacturing plant.

The production plant produces a variety of soft drinks and associated products that require mixing and blending. In consultation with the customer engineers from Applied Measurements proposed that all of the mixing and blending vessels should be supported on load cells to enable the process to be controlled by weighing.

The environment being very wet, including regular high pressure wash down of the vessels and their supporting structure, the stainless steel all welded CTUS load cells were chosen. Each load cell was supplied with stainless steel mounting supports enabling quick and simple installation under the vessels.


To complete each vessel system a stainless steel enclosure was provided housing a junction circuit to connect the 3 or 4 load cells together and an amplifier to transmit a 4-20mA signal to the control system.

The CTUS load cells are available in ranges from 0-5 tonnes to 0-50 tonnes with a complete range of mounting support systems to a diverse range of applications. Features include an overall accuracy of 0.02% and OIML R60 approval, excellent long term and thermal stability and high overange. Certified systems suitable for use in hazardous areas are also available.

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CTUS Load Cell


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