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CCD load cell reaches BS EN ISO376 Grade 1 and Grade 0.5 for use as Reference Standards

The CCD range of high capacity compression load cells from Applied Measurements are now available with an accuracy of 0.1% enabling them to be used as reference standards.
Calibration to BS EN ISO376 Grade 1 and Grade 0.5 have enabled this range of load cells to be used as reference standards for on-site load cell calibration and verification.

The standard range of CCD load cells are manufactured to an accuracy of 0.25% for general commercial force measurement and weighing applications, design changes including increasing the height improve the accuracy to better than 0.1%.


The CCD Series are manufactured in ranges from 0-2 tonnes to 0-1000 tonnes, constructed throughout using high tensile stainless steel, they are sealed to IP67 for use in harsh environments if required.

A comprehensive range of analogue and digital instrumentation is available to enable complete ready to use calibrated and certified systems be supplied. The ISO376 calibration can be for the load cell on its own or with any of our range of instrumentation.

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